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Oakland Schools is excited to introduce our new electronic learning catalog! This tool will allow you to access the most up-to-date and comprehensive listing of our professional learning offerings at your convenience.

You can search for offerings by date range, content area, department and/or keyword (title only). This search will produce a customized catalog of workshops including registration instructions, forms and directions to our main campus building which can be viewed online, saved and/or printed. You can also access our online registration tool directly from your personal electronic catalog.

To create your catalog simply:
1. Select a date range. You can access offerings up to a year from today.
2. Select the content areas you are interested in. You may select as many content areas as you wish.
3. Select the sponsoring departments you are interested in. You may select as many sponsoring departments as you wish.
Note: You must complete all three selection criteria to create an e-catalog.
4. Click the submit button to create your e-catalog.

Please note that workshops can be added, changed or cancelled daily. We recommend that you continue to check the Oakland Schools website regularly for updated listings.

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